GDPR Portal

A low-cost cloud service to be GDPR compliant for your business!

You have 2 weeks to test the portal for free before being requested for a credit card! Available in English on 1 August 2020. Delayed until 1st October.

Price List*


GDPR Premium

GDPR Ultimate



Minimum 1 user



Minimum 3 users



Minimum 5 users

Personal data register

Register of processors/suppliers

Riskr egister

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Personal data breach register

Respond to data subject rights tools  (inkl. register)

GDPR internal audit tool/dashboard

Access to Privasee's help desk

Response within 3-5 workdays



Additional roles to delegate work, e.g. breach management, DSR management

Access to Privasee's help desk

Response within 1-3 workdays

GDPR Premium


Access to Privasee's help desk

Response within 1 workday

* Check Privacy Notice on personal data shared with US.

Personal data is our business, let us help you make it yours!

Privasee AB   Org no: 559018-3553

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