Personal data is our business Let us make it yours!


GDPR compliance portal, employee eLearning and seal award on satisfactory compliance with GDPR (which can be displayed on your website) -from Privasee!

GDPR portal


All about GDPR

  • GDPR registers

  • Breach management tools

  • Tools to respond to data subject rights

  • Helpdesk

  • Compliance dashboard

GDPR eLearn


Employee Training

  • Employee e-learning 15-30 mins (available in 7 languages)

  • Completion certificate to each learner

  • Reminder to retake training after 2 years

GDPR seal


Evidence of compliance

  • All evidence stored in the GDPR SEAL portal demonstrates compliance with GDPR

  • Signed agreement that the evidence reflects actual status

  • SEAL award on signoff on a successful audit, i.e. compliance achieved

DPO as a Service


Onsite | Remote - Get the best of both worlds

  • Your assigned DPO will guide and represent your organisation in all matters pertaining to GDPR compliance.

  • Your DPO can be likened to a ‘consumer advocate’. The role requires that legal rights of the data subject are responded to appropriately.

  • Your DPO will guide your organisation to GDPR compliance which potentially requires liaison with every business function which is collecting/processing personal data -which is probably ALL!

The role of the Data Protection Officer is to assess and act upon privacy risks standing in the shoes of the data subject. This can be a conflict role, i.e. when balancing corp and brand risk against privacy risk, requiring competencies beyond the obvious skillset. Privasee’s DPO as a Service provides a low-cost, controllable way to outsource these competencies from a company which is niched in this space.