We are Privacy Practitioners

Together with our partners, our task is to bring a more pragmatic approach to GDPR compliance.

Our partners:

  • Are established in their own market,
  • Represent quality in what they do,
  • If they are trainers or consultants, the partner will have professionals who have earned the Certified Privacy Practitioner (CPP/EU-DPO) Award.

Culturally we find a match with each other. Our partners and Privasee do some great work together, and spread the word on how to achieve quality in privacy compliance across the globe.

Externally we are Privacy Practitioners; we don't claim to be experts in privacy, we claim to be pragmatic and know where to get help when it reaches the boundaries of our competence space. A legal guy will not try to understand the complexities of technology and information security, he/she will reach out to their technical buddies to brainstorm with. Likewise a technical/security guy will know the boundaries of his/her competences in the complexities of privacy/IP/other national and international laws, hence reach out to his/her legal buddies.

If you want to become a Privasee partner, let us know!

Privasee OWLs can be legal guys or non-legal guys but what we all have in common, apart from what's listed above, is that we speak a common privacy-language which non-legal professionals can understand and relate to! This means we can discuss/solve complex problems effectively. This language uses 8 easy-to-understand principles which are the foundation building blocks for the GDPR and in fact included in every privacy law globally.

Privacy Parters 2019



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Privacy Practitioner consulting, CPP/EU-DPO Trainer



Privacy Practitioner consulting, CPP/EU-DPO Trainer



WIP 2020 start

James Casey, Esq., CPP


Attorney and Privacy / GDPR Advisor


Privasee is a Swedish business and was probably the first startup with a niche on GDPR compliance in 2015. The vision has not been to consult, but to find a way to make GDPR compliance affordable for every organisations, irrespective of size or type. Finally, in 2020 the GDPR portal has been launched.

Available in Swedish first (it is FREE to test), and to be launched in English Spring of 2020.

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