Privasee has a unique e-learning experience for each and every one of your employees. It only takes 20-30 minutes, designed by non-legal professionals to be hands-on in its application, i.e. no legal-speak, we promise!



There is a one-time cost for each training session. The learner will receive a certificate on successful completion of the training. Your organisation will receive a report on all learning completions by your employees which can be loaded as evidence in your GDPR portal. It is recommended that this training is included in new employee onboarding and for subcontractors your business engages. 

Available in 7 languages: English, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese,

Privasee is a Swedish business and was probably the first startup with a niche on GDPR compliance in 2015. The vision has not been to consult, but to find a way to make GDPR compliance affordable for every organisations, irrespective of size or type. Finally, in 2020 the GDPR portal has been launched.

Available in Swedish first (it is FREE to test), and to be launched in English Spring of 2020.

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