About Privasee

Privasee is a Swedish business and was probably the first startup niched purely on GDPR compliance from 2015. Customers include global organisations providing security surveillence services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, heath-tech. We operate in private sector, and non-profit. We are a good choice for franchise businesses needing to control GDPR risk in their franchise partners.

The first product was a standardized DPIA tool which has evolved into a low-cost, easy-to-use compliance platform built for the small-medium business/organisation. Its unique selling proposition (USP) outside of the low-cost, easy-to-use, is that it awards GDPR activity points leading to the award of a Privasee SEAL. If your organisation has earned this SEAL, Privasee will vouch for your organisation, we can because we have the evidence, each activity point earned is evidence of GDPR maturity. It may not prevent a GDPR fine e.g. in the case of a personal data breach, but levels of fines are commisserate to the maturity of data processing within the organisation with GDPR rules.