General Data Protection Regulation


Privasee's lite GDPR compliance portal for small and medium-sized businesses was created to simplify GDPR compliance at an affordable monthly fee.

Although the GDPR is a legal requirement for all businesses collecting and using data of EU citizens and residents, it is not rocket science, as some may have made you believe.

GDPR toolbox for your business

The GDPR compliance portal offers a box of goodies for your business whether it is small, medium or large. These tools will give you what is needed to be compliant at low cost and minimal effort with the GDPR.


SIMPLIFY by using the tools included in an online portal designed for the SMB (small, medium business) together with the SMB.


EMPOWER your employees with knowledge. The e-learning is pragmatic and easy to follow. No legal speak; this will only take 15-25 minutes


The online help included in the portal will EMPOWER your GDPR team as it is written by non-legal professionals to be understood by any employee irrespective of speciality.


Build TRUST and certify your organisation. Privasee will include you on our public list of Privasee-sealed organisations, and you can even show this seal on your website.


GDPR compliance for your business


Give your employees the tools to do what is right for your customers


Use GDPR as a building block to trust


GDPR compliance portal, employee eLearning and seal award on satisfactory compliance with GDPR (which can be displayed on your website) -all included for the SMB from Privasee!



GDPR Portal

  • GDPR registers

  • Breach management tools

  • Tools to respond to data subject rights

  • Helpdesk

  • Compliance dashboard

$ 26 /month



Employee Training

  • Employee e-learning 20-30 mins (available in 7 languages)

  • Completion certificate to each learner

  • Evidence report on completion to be uploaded into the GDPR portal.

30 /seat



GDPR Certification

  • All evidence stored in the GDPR SEAL portal demonstrates compliance with GDPR

  • Signed agreement that the evidence reflects actual status

  • SEAL award on signoff on a successful audit, i.e. compliance achieved.

52 /per audit

Privasee is a Swedish business and was probably the first startup with a niche on GDPR compliance in 2015. The vision has not been to consult, but to find a way to make GDPR compliance affordable for every organisations, irrespective of size or type. Finally, in 2020 the GDPR portal has been launched.

Available in Swedish first (it is FREE to test), and to be launched in English Spring of 2020.

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