GDPR toolbox for your business

The GDPR compliance portal offers a box of goodies for your business whether it is small, medium or large. These tools will give you what is needed to be GDPR-secured at low cost and minimal effort.


  1. Download the free policy templates from Privasee's webshop and
  2. Adapt to your organisation.
  3. See what Privasee's free GDPR handbook says on what to do with the policies.
  4. Complete the privacy training.


  1. Create a free account on Privasee's GDPR portal (cost is $26 per user).
  2. Conduct your first internal audit (using the tool),
  3. Upload the policy documents, and
  4. Start work on the registers.


  1. Conduct monthly internal audits
  2. Assign a role for GDPR responsible
  3. Register all employees for eLearning
  4. Request external audit with Privasee, if your organisation is handling sensitive personal data, or personal data of vulnerable persons.


GDPR compliance portal, employee eLearning and seal award on satisfactory compliance with GDPR (which can be displayed on your website) -from Privasee!

GDPR portal


All about GDPR

  • GDPR registers

  • Breach management tools

  • Tools to respond to data subject rights

  • Helpdesk

  • Compliance dashboard

GDPR eLearn


Employee Training

  • Employee e-learning 15-30 mins (available in 7 languages)

  • Completion certificate to each learner

  • Reminder to retake training after 2 years

GDPR seal


Evidence of compliance

  • All evidence stored in the GDPR SEAL portal demonstrates compliance with GDPR

  • Signed agreement that the evidence reflects actual status

  • SEAL award on signoff on a successful audit, i.e. compliance achieved

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