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What we offer

DPO Timeshare

  • The GDPR places a high-bar on the perfect DPO profile. The individual needs to be a seasoned professional in data protection and compliance, business processes, IT and information security, and what is more this individual needs to have a legal degree. These individuals just don't exist today.
  • The DPO Timeshare gives your organisation what they need under a single umbrella. Privasee has a cross-disciplinary team to provide and/or support your DPO function, which will include activities, such as:
  • Ongoing DPO Duties
  • Privacy program office design
  • Data Protection by Design (DPbD), by default
  • Privacy by Design (PbD) in technology
  • Data discovery
  • The DSAR function
  • Internal privacy policies
  • Review of Processor Agreements, external-facing privacy notice
  • Marketing and privacy
  • etc
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GDPR Compliance

  • The GDPR mandates ‘data protection by design, by default’. This requires an operational approach to privacy compliance beyond the legal office.
  • What this means is that GDPR compliance must use a holistic approach, which reaches out from the legal function into core business operations, IT, and back again into legal. The sort of questions that you will probably be asking:
  • Where is personal data collected and used across your organisation?
  • Do your employees even know what is personal data?
  • Who is processing personal data collected by your organisation?
  • If you are a processor, are you sure you are not a controller?
  • Do you need a DPO?
  • What is your marketing team up to?
  • Do you need to buy special products?
  • Where do we start?
  • Privasee will guide you on a privacy maturity journey, connecting the dots to privacy compliance across every business function in your organisation.
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GDPR Legal

  • Our legal advisors are a part of our DPO team.
  • They have a specific insight which enable the DPO team to validate that your legal documents are consistent with GDPR.
  • What’s unique, is that our legal professionals are used to working arm-in-arm with privacy compliance practitioners. This combination facilitates a translation of privacy risk seen by legal to a direct impact on business operations.
  • All Privasee legal advisors and educators are certified (CIPP/E, LL.M).
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Privacy Community

Privasee community is a knowledge forum for professionals that have started the GDPR Journey to compliance. The social platform is unique with a dialogue around GDPR Legal Springboard, it’s at the same time a meeting area for professionals sharing practitioners experiences to each other. Meet other professionals with the same challenges that you have right now and asked them how they did.

Some of the members have conquered Privacy EAGLE Open Badge after completion of the Privacy & Data Protection Online course, other works as DPO or in a GDPR Privacy professional role. The Privasee community offer deep knowledge sharing experiences.

Get the knowledge of best practices on the Privacy field from other professionals and the curator. The community is closed for the members. Welcome to apply if you have started your GDPR-journey!

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