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GDPR and Privacy training and courses

Awareness - eLearning

  • The Privacy (GDPR) Awareness course is an eLearning experience that has been developed by Privasee to introduce Privacy (GDPR) in any organization to provide employees with an understanding of personal data and information.
  • After completing this course, candidates will be able to:
  • Be aware and understand what personal data is.
  • Analyse the importance of privacy.
  • Define privacy and GDPR in their workplace.
  • Put to practice easy tips for GDPR compliance in their workplace.
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Foundation - eLearning

  • Developed by Privacy practitioners the GDPR Foundation eLearning provides the learner with a deeper knowledge of GDPR and helps individuals or staff in an organisation to reduce the gap between business, IT/security operations and the legal team. The GDPR Foundation covers: Consent, Rights of Data Subject, The Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF), Data Protection by Design, Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) and Breach Notification
  • After completing the GDPR Foundation Course you will be able to:
  • Understand all aspects of personal privacy.
  • Reduce risk of data breach within your organisation.
  • Identify what changes in your company the GDPR requires to ensure compliance.
  • Bridge the gap and improve communication between business, IT & legal departments.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to data privacy and protection to customers, partners, regulators and staff.
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GDPR Practitioner (CPP/EU-DPO)

Masterclass - 3 days

  • The Certified Privacy Practitioner /EU-DPO (CPP/EU-DPO) Award provides a journey that takes the student from foundations to practitioner knowledge level in the EU GDPR and Data Protection by Design (DPbD), as a default across their organisation.
  • The course is designed for any professional wanting to either extend their skill set into GDPR or have been tasked with GDPR compliance in their organisation.
  • The following are the occupations which this programme will mainly prepare students for:
  • DPO (Data Protection Officer), Compliance managers, Project managers, Risk managers, Information security professionals, Auditors (ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SOX, etc,) and Legal professionals wanting to learn GDPR from a compliance standpoint.
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